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Unicast Company takes pride in its work and state-of-the-art facilities. The following will give you a better feel for some of the technology Unicast incorporates in its work.


  • Unicast has the capacity to melt up to 80 tons per day in a 42″ I.D. Cold Blast Cupola
  • The iron is then transferred into a 32-ton Electric Channel Induction Furnace
  • The iron is transferred to pouring ladles and refined to specific chemistry and temperature for pouring
  • The characteristics of our iron allow us produce an extremely wide range of unique and unusual castings Core Room and Pattern Shop


  • The production of castings with internal cavities requires cores which are is engineered to maintain their shape and size until the iron solidifies
  • The type of casting being produced determines whether a no-bake or hot-box core is used
  • Pattern maintenance and minor pattern problems can be addressed in our pattern department
  • We also have available several qualified pattern shops to support your needs
  • Pattern storage is available for quick turnaround

Automatic Molding

  • FBO-II manufactured by Roberts Sinto Corporation
  • HMP20E manufactured by Hunter
  • These machines produce exceptional castings using flaskless technology, allowing Unicast to maintain its high levels of quality while utilizing the latest technologies

Cope and Drag and Floor Molding

  • Lower volume, unique and difficult large castings are produced in these areas


  • All castings are shot blasted and individually inspected
  • Gates and parting lines are ground off to produce the finished castings per customer specifications
  • The various grinding stations include wheel and hand grinding and vary in size from 8” to 30”
  • A final inspection occurs before packaging
  • All castings are carefully packaged in customer designated containers