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The History Of Unicast


125 Years Strong

1894 –  35 men formed Union Manufacturing Company manufacturing sad irons, agricultural and heating machinery. First order received was for $.01/lb.

1895 –  Agreement to purchase the land and build 3 building for $12,000 or $.87/sq ft, most of which is still in use

1908 – Began producing wood and coal stoves

1910 – John Harner was hired and eventually the company was acquired by the Harner family

1920 through 1950’s – Gas hot plate, gas ranges and warm air furnaces produced

1957 – Sales of $666,000 and 4.5 million lbs of iron. 85 employees with an average salary of $4,400. 53% of employees were related

1967 – Union Manufacturing Co. became Unicast Division of Berkmont Industries, still owned by the Harner family

1969 – Core Room was built with new core equipment. New cleaning machines installed, New Air Pollution system. 136 employees and 6,000,000 castings per year.

1970 –  Two B&P molding machines, sand system, pouring deck and electric holding furnace installed

1976 – Cope and Drag installed

1981 – Company purchased by Donald Stoughton

1986 –  Louis Monaco acquired ownership and became President/CEO

1994 –  Hunter Molding line with Didion installed

1999 –  Sinto Molding line installed2012- Transitioned to 100% Employee owned

2012 –  Transitioned to 100% Employee owned