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Gray Iron Castings:

  • Gray iron is used for housings where the stiffness and vibration dampening of the component is more important than its tensile strength, such as internal combustion engine cylinder blocks, pump housings, valve bodies, electrical boxes, and decorative castings. Grey cast iron’s high thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity are often exploited to make cast iron cookware and disc brake rotors. Gray Iron has a dense gray structure and offers excellent machinability

Ductile Iron Castings:

  • Ductile iron is specifically useful in many automotive components, where strength must surpass that of aluminum but steel is not necessarily required. Other major industrial applications include off-highway diesel trucks, agricultural tractors, and oil well pumps. In wind power industry nodular cast iron is used for hubs and structural parts like machine frames. Nodular cast iron is suitable for large and complex shapes and high (fatigue) loads. Ductile Iron offers the castability, machinability, and corrosion resistance of gray iron while adding the high strength, ductility, and hardening ability of steel.