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  • Over the last 20 years the number of foundry in the US has decreased from over 6,000 to just over 300
  • Pressure from overseas foundries, government regulation, and shrinking workforce has caused the closure of thousands of foundries
  • To remain a successful foundry in the USA a company has to be strong in following areas:
    • Financial strength
    • Market Strength
    • Facility Strength
    • Personnel Strength

UNICAST is Strong in all of these areas….

UNICAST will be one of the Last Men Standing!

In Order to achieve this goal, Unicast continues to invest in the future:

  • An annual capital and maintenance budget of nearly 10% annual sales, well above an industry average of 2-5%
  • Established long term relationships with its vendors to assure ongoing cost reductions and continued service
  • Invest in its #1 resources, employees, by continuing to improve the working environment, on-the-job training and competitive wages and benefits
  • Providing you, the customer, with the best service in the industry
  • And finally, by planning for the future through our ENIGMA plan

What is ENIGMA?

  • A comprehensive study of the current state of business at Unicast to determine the best plan going forward to assure longevity in the industry
  • Working with customers to determine their needs to position Unicast as the vendor of choice
  • Working with equipment suppliers to determine the needs for Unicast to continue being the best in the industry

In a nutshell ENIGMA is our roadmap to make Unicast the best foundry and the preferred supplier industry wide.