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At Unicast, we know what our customers need, and after 120 years in the casting business our experience and expertise shows.

Unicast is:

  • A stable US foundry that that been at the same location since 1894… a very short list can make this claim
  • A market leader with an on-time delivery rate greater than 95%
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified and qualified
  • A short lead-time vendor where two weeks for non-cored castings and four weeks for cored castings can be regularly realized
  • Your one-stop shop for heat treating, machining, painting, plating and other value added services.
  • Very well positioned for the future and continually working on the issues that make a difference to our customers
  • A versatile foundry operation allows for quick adaptation to the market and customer needs
  • Known for providing its broad base of global customers with engineered and customer designed, high quality gray & ductile iron castings from thin-walled decorative to multi-cored heavy, ranging in weight from a few ounces to 500 pounds.
  • A producer of over 3,000 different parts for over 150 customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.
  • A reliable source for non-domestic castings.
  • An economical short run producer with quick turnaround times, and a cost effective high volume producer.
  • Audited yearly by an outside Accounting Firm, which is extremely rare for a company that is not publicly traded.
  • In a superior financial position as demonstrated by its historical unleveraged structure including the transition to an ESOP.
  • A CAN DO and WILL DO Foundry for the Future!
  • Very well positioned for the future and continues to work on the issues that make a difference.
  • Recognized for consistently providing aggressive pricing, superior delivery, excellent quality and unparalleled service. Versatility is the key throughout its foundry operations.